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Novuswater® Novosano:

• Swimming without chlorine
• No forming of toxic gazes
• No irritation to the eyes, skin or mucous membrane
• Ecological friendly 100 % bio-degradable
• Much more effective than the classic products

Swimming pools have their own problems concerning hygiene and health of their users.Swimmers bring unconsciously numerous germs and moulds in the swimming pool water and by the pleasant warmth they can develop rapidly. Moreover people also bring a lot of organic substances in the swimming pool under form of sweat, saliva, urine, etc. Without a water treatment the hundreds of guests, who use the swimming pool daily, can’t swim safely. Thanks to a well-considered use of Novuswater this is no problem. Novuswater can be used for an optimal disinfection of the swimming pool water.We have experience in the chlorine-free treatment of swimming pool water. We can guarantee an excellent water quality and pleasant circumstances to swim, without the odour of chlorine or allergic responses.
Swimming pools > 5 m³
Swimming pool water disinfection.
It is absolutely necessary to disinfect the swimming pool water in order to prevent an infection with pathogens through the water. Novuswater NW100 reliably kills the bacteria, algae and other germs present in the water, and oxidizes the other organic impurities (pollen, skin particles, etc.), that are not held back by the filtering installation.

The Novuswater consumption depends on the following factors:
• number of bathers and their cleanliness
• water temperature
• pH value of the swimming pool water

Surface disinfection
Showers, swimming pool surroundings, changing rooms, saunas, solaria, deck chairs, etc. can easily and effectively be disinfected with a diluted Novuswater NW100 solution. Novuswater NW100 can also be used for prophylaxis against athlete’s foot.

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