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Why use Novuswater® Novosano in Spa’s:

• No forming of the Legionella bacteria
• No irritation to the eyes, skin or mucous membrane
• Ecological friendly 100 % bio-degradable
• Much more effective than the classic products

Swimming pools < 5 m3 and Spa’s

Novosano stands for a new and complete concept in order to secure a safe and healthy relaxation in your Spa, hot tube (Novosano-SPA) and garden pool (Novosano-POOL) in an effective and hygienic way.
Novosano kills quickly all micro-organisms like bacteria, moulds and algae in your spa and pool and prohibits them from flourishing in this inviting habitat.
Novosano products are colourless and odourless and their use is totally harmless to man and beast. Therefore higher concentrations of the active ingredients can be added to the water ensuring a perfect hygiene over longer periods of time. Novosano adjusts and stabilizes the pH of the water and prevents deposition of dissolved minerals, a problem manifesting itself more quickly at higher temperatures.
Novosano-Spa and Novosano-POOL are water-like liquid products that quickly dissipate in the water and therefore to apply.

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