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  • Hand hygiene:
    in the hospital the hand hygiene is the most important part. It is indispensable in all cases to wash, to clean and to disinfect the hands. The most transfers of germs are taking place via the hands. For hand disinfection now a day mostly alcohol based disinfectants are used, which aren’t kind for the skin (dry and irritated skin, chaps = nice place for nestling germs).

  • Surfaces disinfection:
    in the patient rooms, in the ICU and surfaces polluted by accident with bodily liquids or other potential contaminated material.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of instruments and laundry

Disinfection of incoming water

Legionella is an aerobic ubiquitous gram negative bacillus which can be found in nature where water is present. The bacteria live in symbiosis with other micro-organisms, sometimes like in a biofilm. If immune compromised patients drink legionella contaminated water then this could lead to a colony in the oropharynx, at the risk of pneumonia by respiration.
The unique approach of Novuswater consist of disinfecting in a preventive way all incoming water in the hospital. In this way we prevent that Legionella germs enter the hospital via the tap water. Novuswater prevents also the formation of biofilm/slime in the waterworks in the hospital.

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