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Fruit & Vegetables

In fruit farms and market gardens there appears to be a need to disinfect the process water. The water used generally does not meet standard hygiene norms thereby contaminating the fresh product with high levels of micro-organisms. This affects the time the product can be kept without deteriorating.
Application of Novuswater® can be divided into two categories: disinfection and preservation. The purpose of disinfection is to reduce the bacteriological contamination level significantly. When appropriately treated and after disinfection has occurred a low concentration of Novuswater® remains as an invisible coating which maintains a preserving and long lasting effect on the treated product preventing immediate re-infection. This is especially important during the time that the product is drying as it is most vulnerable for bacterial attack at this time. In time the coating will break down into water and oxygen (ie: when the product is fully dry). This treatment can extend the conservation of fruit and vegetables by up to two weeks.

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