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 > Food and Beverage industry
For production of mineral water, soft drinks, wine and beer
  • Treatment of well water and brewing water
  • Disinfection of all surfaces in the production process
  • Bottle washing
  • Filling plants, pumps, filters
  • Rinsing of installations
  • Disinfection of all installations / pipelines / working clothes
  • Cooling installations, air cleaning systems

Safe food starts with a hygienical and clean production space. Cleaning alone is not enough, a disinfection of surfaces and installations is also necessary. Novuswater has the advantage that it can be used for substance disinfection as well as for surface disinfection. Novuswater does not foam, so there should be no need for rinsing nor for neutralization after the disinfectant has been applied. And there is no corrosive effect on the materials used. The disinfectant does not alter taste or content of the foodstuffs treated, nor does it alter foodstuffs coming into contact with treated surfaces, such as the packing. Because Novuswater doesn’t alter the pH value of the water treated, it can perfectly be used for the disinfection of the process water. In breweries Novuswater is used for the disinfection of pressure tanks and pipelines. Because of the occurrence of organic matter in water, micro-organisms are able to develop. In water distribution systems and pipelines, these micro-organisms attach to the walls, where they can grow thanks to flow of fresh water which provides a continuous source of nutrients and oxygen. The growth rate of the biofilm depends of many factors, including the concentration of nutrients, hydraulic conditions, characteristics of the surface, water temperature, hardness, etc. Biofilm growth within a water distribution system could lead to operational problems such as pipe corrosion, water quality deterioration and other undesirable impacts in water distribution systems. Biofilms are more resistant against disinfection than micro-organisms in suspension. That’s why the removal of a biofilm requires a higher dose rate of chemicals than the removal of micro-organisms in suspension.

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