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• Fish biosecurity
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Fish biosecurity


• Aquaculture
• Seafood Processing

Why use Novuswater® - Fish’Asept®?
• As ecological sound decontamination controlling the microbial flora
• As preservative agent ensuring the freshness & quality of the
   seafood for a long time.


The overwhelming majority of common health problems are caused by parasites, fungus, gill and bacterial infections. Any body of water, be it a tank or pond will be teeming with millions of opportunistic bacteria and nearly all fish carry small populations of parasites. Fishes are constantly surrounded by germs and bugs and only healthy fish can keep them at bay. These germs and bugs try to breach the fish’s immune system to gain a strong foothold.
The predisposing factor for the success can be unsuitable environmental conditions, poor nutrition, overcrowding or bad water quality. The most important factor affecting fish health and influencing disease is water quality.
Novuswater can be used for the treatment of closed systems. These are holding tanks with volumes greater than 1000 litres, where novuswater remains in the system indefinitely decomposing over time or being automatically added to a desired level.

Seafood processing
Novuswater focuses on a safe and healthy decontamination throughout the seafood processing from the catch on board – processing on board – processing ashore – distribution. It relies on preventive disinfection rather than retrospective killing and destroying of the pathogens. It helps to ensure the freshness and quality of the seafood, without affecting the taste, savour of flavor of the seafood.

Novuswater – Fish’Asept provides a good biosecurity:

• As a complete biocide = bactericide, virucide, fungicide, sporicide, algicide
• Helping in taking steps to make sure that good hygiene practices are in place
• Preventing disease-causing germs, bugs, fungal or bacterial parasites
• A key to fish health = to ensure a good and healthy water quality and its

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