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It’s our duty to disinfect properly


  • November 2002 start of the development based on the idea to combine hydrogen peroxide with colloidal silver within the company Group I.C. N.V. The cooperation with the university of Hasselt leads to an unique Silver-Complex diluted with hydrogen peroxide which happens to be the tremendous effective basic product Novuswater NW100.
  • In February 2004 the first authorization certificate no. 2703B for Novuswater NW10 was authorized by the Belgian authorities
  • Beginning 2005 market research in China and we received China Authorization Certificate approval from the Chinese Ministry of Public Health for the distribution of NOVUSWATER in the entire mainland.
  • In November 2007 we established our company “Beijing Novuswater Ecological Technology Co. Ltd”
    in China.
  • Successful virus tests in Japan which prove the high effectiveness of novuswater as viricide.
  • February 2008 received our Authorization Certificate no.1608B for the product NOVUSWATER NW100 SL
    in Belgium.
  • In April 2008 establishment of the Belgian Holding NOVUS ECO-TECHNOLOGY Ltd, with a social capital of 750,000.00 Euro.
  • July 2011 start of a joint venture for the Indian market with a local company.
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